Haitian Homes for Haitian Children

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Recent Stories and Newsletters

Untold Suffering in Jeremie, Haiti

“Big trouble my God”. These are the words of our education director, Serge, earlier when I texted him about their condition today.
The death toll is more than 1,300 and thousands more have been injured. The hospital in Jeremie is overwhelmed and supplies are scarce. The first medevac helicopters flew

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“Reality vs Generosity”

This is a picture of Fredony. He is a typical ten-year-old boy. On February 5 th he was playing with
some friends after school. He fell and hurt his arm. His mother was able to take him to the
hospital and have an xray that showed the arm was

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Our Mission

We are a non-denominational organization dedicated to keeping children from being orphaned in Haiti. We accomplish this by assisting high risk families with their children's educational, physical, medical, and spiritual care. Attention to these needs prevents the widespread threat that families will release their children to the streets or to an orphanage.