Haitian Homes for Haitian Children

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Change a Child's Life

Most children in orphanages in Haiti are not what most "westerners" think of as orphans. Those children have parents and families, but the parents are not able to care for their children. Most often the issue is finances. You can help keep children in their homes with their families by partnering with HH4HC. You can help with education, health care, spiritual development all by participating in Haitian Homes..

Child Sponsorship

The program works through child sponsorship. For $720 (U.S.) annually or $60 (U..S.) per month you may sponsor an individual child. HH4HC will provide you a picture, give you frequent updates on your child's progress. You and your family will be able to build a relationship with this child and their family. 100% of sponsorship money goes directly to the children and their families.

Medical Sponsorship

While routine medical care is covered through the child sponsorship program, more serious medical concerns are addressed through our medical sponsorship program. For $60 (U.S.) you will know that issues like: accidents, asthma, broken bones will be addressed for children in the program.

A gift of hope

84% of donated money goes to direct services for our children and their families. There are other expenses, such as: salaries, travel, administration; thata are not covered in our sponsorship program. Please consider giving a financially, unrestricted gift of hope.


Prayers are welcome and needed. Our children, their families live on the edge of survival. Our Haitian and U.S. staff dedicate themselves to serving "the least of these." The program itself is a faith journey which would welcome you to join.