Untold Suffering in Jeremie, Haiti

August 16, 2021 0 Comments

“Big trouble my God”. These are the words of our education director, Serge, earlier when I texted him about their condition today.

The death toll is more than 1,300 and thousands more have been injured. The hospital in Jeremie is overwhelmed and supplies are scarce. The first medevac helicopters flew into the airport in Jeremie this morning , taking out 30 critically wounded patients. Supplies were expected to start coming in soon. The road from les Cayes to Jeremie is impassable due to a giant rockslide. Things in Haiti are difficult at the best of times, but coordinating disaster relief in the more remote areas of the country compounds those problems to an unbelievable level.

As of today we have confirmed that all 5 of our main staff in Jeremie are OK and working with our students and families and help as best as they can. They will be needing your support and all the resources that HH4HC an muster in the coming weeks and months.

You have no doubt seen the news reports with pictures of the devastation in the area. Human devastation is harder to imagine. I was sent pictures of children with serious crush injuries and broken bones, and received word that one of the students in our program was in surgery yesterday afternoon.

If you have not seen news coverage on TV one of our supporters, Bette Gebrian who lives in Jeremie was interviewed for NBC News: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IEofZGDWloU

We know the needs will be great, from basic necessities of food, water and shelter to the more complicated process of rebuilding homes, schools and churches. For now, we pray for protection and safety. We are organizing resources to help out where we can. The board of directors of HH4HC ask you to join us in prayer for the people of the affected areas. We gratefully accept any donation you are led to give and pledge it to direct relief for our families and the people of Jeremie.

If you are able to help us provide the many needs that will inevitably be made known in the coming days, your gifts will go to the basic needs of the most needy. You may donate directly using the link below

Earthquake Relief Donation

or using our website, www.hh4hc.org. You can also send a check to

HH4HC P.O. Box 2007 Monroe, Ga. 30655

HH4HC Stands with our staff, families and all the people of Haiti, especially during times of extreme stress. Our work is only possible through your generous donations