Getting to Jeremie

December 27, 2017 0 Comments

Working in Jeremie is not like catching a plane and heading down the road. In serving the children of Jeremie, one must use every emotional and transportation resource that is available. One of the reasons Jeremie has been under-served by non-profits is that it is a challenge to get there. From North America and Europe, one can take a plane to Port-au-Prince. Fleecing starts right away, but paying $10 U.S., Canadian, or 10 Euros to get in the country.

Getting baggage is fine and then the next onslaught begins getting out of the terminal. Be prepared for people calling, grabbing your bags, trying to offer you a ride or anything else. It is easy to be overwhelmed, but it is also understandable when we realize how desperate many of these people are.

Options for getting to Jeremie (the 100 mile) trip: climb into the smallest plane you have every seen. Yes, at MAF (a missionary flight) the pilot prays prior to take-off. Another option is to rent a driver and van. . . the paved road goes part of the way, and then the rest is. . . well how shall I say, more prayers are needed. The final way is to take the bus. That is an adventure in and of itself. This blogger has always avoided the last way. . .maybe my prayer life would improve if I did take that bus.

However, once in Jeremie, it is easy to see why Haitian Homes for Haitian Children is so impactful. The people are friendly, needy, and available to help. Our local staff of Serge, Rolin, and Joanne are so attentive and ready to guide the non-Haitians in whatever is needed. It is also at that time when one realizes the effort to get to Jeremie is certainly worth the effort.