Haitian Homes for Haitian Children

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Who is HH4HC?

HH4HC is a non-denominational, non-profit organization, listed as a 501(c)3 organization with the IRS, so gifts from the U.S. are tax deductible. Our Board of Directors and Staff are a active, committed group of people of faith working to end child abandonment in Haiti, with Jane Carney as our Executive Director. We work to find donors who will support HH4HC through child sponsorship, unrestricted donations, and remembering the families in prayer.

Our Work in Haiti

Dedicated to changing lives

Educating the Youth of Haiti

What We do in Haiti

Haitian Homes for Haitian Children is supported by a number of individuals, churches, and organizations whose care and compassion for vulnerable families in Haiti have led them to financially and spiritually commit to this work. HH4HC is governed by a volunteer board, whose members have either spent time in Haiti or have worked in third world countries. We are committed to providing the best care possible, and 84% of donated monies go to direct services for those in need. In response and in partnership with local leaders in Jeremie, Haiti, HH4HC was formed following the devastating earthquake in 2010. It was the Haitians themselves who recognized that putting children in orphanages because families could not care for them was an inadequate way to raise children. As children remain in their homes, with their families, they have a much better possibility to succeed.

How We Serve

In consultation with local leaders in Jérémie, we are working with local churches and schools to identify at risk families who cannot support all of their children. We then provide the following as an extra level of support and oversight to these at risk families:
  • HH4HC pays a small monthly stipend to the family to help cover the basic living costs of a child that otherwise might be abandoned.
  • HH4HC pays the child’s school tuition which includes uniforms, books, and supplies. In addition to Government schools being crowded they are not able to provide the quality of education needed for children to thrive in society. We therefore believe it is imperative to send our children to private schools.
  • We maintain a healthcare account for each child that covers their basic health needs. The Haitian Health Foundation in Jeremie operates an excellent clinic in the city.
  • Psychological and spiritual counseling and guidance are available. Regular home visits by Haitian staff mark the progress each child is making.
  • Meet the Members of HH4HC

    Our Jeremie Haiti Staff Members

    The hands and feet of our organization

    We maintain a Haitian staff who make home visits at least once a month to talk with both the children and the parents. We also visit the schools and maintain school records, and offer tutoring when there is a need. The Haitian staff oversees the tutoring and nutritional programs, which we have found to be necessary. The American executive director receives frequent reports on the children and makes regular visits to Haiti to see the families. Our sponsors are kept updated on their children.

    Jeremie, Haiti

    Where we Serve

    Jeremie is the perfect location for our program. Within days of the earthquake, people began to leave Port-Au-Prince, the capital city of Haiti which suffered so much devastation. For many years a large and old riverboat had run along the coast between the capital and Jeremie at the point of the peninsula of the island. The overcrowded boat carried thousands of people whose homes had been destroyed from Port-Au-Prince, where there was no shelter, food or water, to Jeremie. Among these people were hundreds of children who had lost their parents. Some were brought by relatives who could not care for them in the city and some traveled alone. They arrived on the dock, not knowing their fate. In Jeremie we have found a caring group of people, willing to take in extra children and willing to share the small amount of resources they have. We have found good schools and sturdy homes there. There are churches of many denominations and excellent healthcare facilities. It is a good community to raise children in. There is a large population of families who are at-risk, because they have taken in additional children that they are economically unable to support.

    Join Us in Serving

    • Child sponsorship: $720 per year; $60 per month: 100% goes to the child and their family. 0% for administration costs! Small stipend for the family to feed the child
    • Tuition paid at a Haitian parochial school
    • Medical and dental care for the child
    • Tutoring for those children struggling academically
    • - Nutrition program for the children
    • Summer program, that includes Vacation Bible School
    • English as second language for those gifted students
    • Health education from a registered nurse
    • Including our organization in your giving programs, either personally or through an organization you belong to
    • Financial support for the registered nurse +Support for the tutors who are certified teachers
    • Endowing a program, summer, nutrition, English as second language
    • Inviting a speaker to your church or organization
    • Becoming aware the of the struggles in Haiti
    • Being in prayer for the children and their families
    • Communicating with the Haitian staff about the work they are doing
    • Traveling with a board member or staff to Jeremie, Haiti, and seeing for yourself the work that is taking place